Monday, May 23, 2016

Global intentions stifled

 A convoy of trucks is heading off towards Sudan.

They will NOT STOP.

The trucks reach a station.

Soldiers with rifles and military trucks stand guard.

The convoy stops.

An official says:

"You can't enter."

The trucks reverse a couple of hundred meters.
They disperse and go off road.
Around the station.

Dust sprawls in the desert sky.

Soldiers are aroused.

Two military trucks are sent out to stop the vehicles from entering the area.

But the convoi has over 200 vehicles.

There are 16 soldiers.

A tire is shot out and a truck grinds to a halt.

Then another and another.

But there are still more trucks advancing over the desert expanse.

They carry medicine, food and bottled water.
And in big white letters the logo says it's the U.N

"What do they think they're gonna do huh? 
"They're gonna shoot us?" 


The soldiers take three captured drivers to their station. Sweat is dripping of their faces.

"You are holding things back." the driver says.


We see it in the news.

Humanitarian convoys blocked for entering war zones.

This is usually because of a lack of power.

A body like the United Nations can and will overrule countries borders.

But the United Nations has grown weak from stifling bureaucracy.

Courage and goal-oriented determination is what it needs.

A higher perspective like the U.N can break though the blood-boiling stupidity of nations while showing us a more global oriented view of humanity.

This is a little story of how things might have gone different if people have the courage to keep pushing.

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