Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The end of the beginning

Today, a Jordanian pilot was burned alive in a cage.     "Oh to slip the surly bonds of Earth!"
IS has called down the revenge of Jordan
As if the U.S didn't have enough allies in killing IS, it seems that soon another country will join the fight. IS might have had some fun in burning their hostage in that cage, but soon they will all burn. Charred meat.

IS did something terribly stupid with this atrocity. But this pilot hasn't died for nothing. The whole world is now concentrating their efforts in wiping away IS from the globe.

The West has fought for over five centuries for the value of freedom. No one will take that away from us. IS is but a chapter in our history books. We will step down with our feet on this vermin and move on to the stars. Let's use the energy of this moment to reinforce our highest ideals, instead of diverting it to the lowest of our efforts.

The importance of spaceflight will grow bigger when the whole world seems to fall apart. Spaceflight is to escape from the Earth.

In 1968 war raged in Vietnam, students caused riots all over the world, the soviet union invaded czechslovakia, North-Korea seized control of the USS-Pueblo, a B-52 crashed carrying four hydrogen bombs, police in Chicago battered protestors at the democratic convention, Robert Kennedy was shot down in Los Angeles, and soon after Martin Luther King as well. Discontent was widespread, fear and anger was everywhere, and in the midst of all this chaos we sent a rocket away to touch another world.

So we could look back on ourselves, and redefine our values.

Let us not forget this.

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