Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Development of the Western Mind.

Collective emergence, conscious ego, preconscious union, nature, masculine, schism, adolescent obsession, self-assertive power, archetypically, patriarchal religions, rationalist philosophies, Hebrew-Greek tradition, objectivist science, modern era, Western canons, atomistic societies, autonomous, existentially free individuals.

Repression, feminine, progressive denial, anima mundi, community, being, mystery, ambiguity, imagination, emotion, instinct, body, nature, woman.

Western history, chauvinist imperialism, stage, growth, masculine consiousness, dialectial quest, realize, autonomy, connection, whole, differentiate, feminine, rediscover, higher level, consiousness.

Cultural transformation, regressions, primitive spiritual traditions, collective reunion, larger self, higher turn, spiral, reflexivity, dialogue, consious, unconsious, poles, human condition, isolation, communion, power, innocence, masculine, feminine, ego, finitude, small island, great dark sea, sense, cosmos.

self-assertion, self-transcendence

planetary cancer, planetary spores

regression, progression

stagnation, exploration

Mother, Ocean, Death, Stars.

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