Monday, June 8, 2015

Public resentment about spaceflight

When I hold discussions with people about the importance of spaceflight, people either get bitter, hostile or cynical. And they are always coming up with the same standardized response: For example: When there are so many problems on earth, why spend billions of dollars on rockets to escape the planet? Why? It seems illogical right?

Maybe they feel victimized, abandoned. These people forget that there will always be problems on Earth. It's part of the human condition. I do understand this resentment though. I can see things from both perspectives.

But I want people to realize that the dreamers of spaceflight are in fact seeking to solve the same problems. Although indirect.. To escape the Earth, withdrawing to a larger realm that encircles those smaller things, to return home with the wealth of a thousand worlds, redeeming the Earth and expanding the circle of life. A life-insurance for the whole planet. How does that sound? We are building on a life-insurance for the whole planet. It's called 'The Space Program'. If you can see humanity as an organism, then the technological top is it's manipulating organ, and it has the tiger by it's tail. Will it reach for the fruits of Mars, or will it scratch it's butt, waiting?

But these long-term benefits are not there for those who cannot see, visionaries look ahead. And this universe reveals its possibilities ónly to visionaries, who in the end will decide the path of evolution.

Yes, spaceflight is costly - because the energy that is needed to escape the Earth is staggering. But consider that our island home is surrounded by an ocean of unlimited potential. A free canvas for expressing the soul of humanity. If we turn our eyes inward, we are doing ourselves a severe injustice. We are doing the world injustice.

This inward worldview will come to an end. When the stress on a system becomes to large, it will seek an escape, a release. As much like an oppressed people suddenly revolt, the Earth and it's life will explode into space, igniting the shockwaves of a New Genesis. It has happened before, during the Cold war. The system was trembling on the verge of destruction. It sought an escape.
We reached out, clinged to a barren rock and fell back to earth. It was the moon landing.

In the 21st century, this process will happen again. And this time, it will be the red rocks of Mars. And money won't be an issue because there is nothing that can stop this process. Evolution reaches upward and outward in a spiral effect. Like a sprouting frond, we will engulf the star clouds in a canopy of life. Spreading the seeds of a second Genesis.

There's a 500-million dollar ticket for every rocket launched, but it's well worth it. To say no to this is to say no to the future. It's an insult to the highest of human aspirations. Politics might go left or right for this, but the outward urge will just go outward.

Smile, because we will spend money on rockets anyway. Smile, because we can have all of it! Smile, because this Universe is ours!

When the world get's that feeling, we will start.

Ignition sequence starts.

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